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SEAL RINGS - HUBS - CLAMPS - Engimat International

For reactor vessel nozzles, vessel closures, general piping/valve ends in petroleum refining, gas and chemical processing plants. Low/High temperature services. Zero Leak Rate : 10-6 atm cc/s Helium  


Metal Seal Rings :

The seal ring resembles a “T” cross section. The leg of the “T” forms a rib that is held by the hub faces as the connection is madeup. The two arms form lip seals that create an area of sealing surface with the inner surface of the hub. Internal pressure works to reinforce this seal.


Two Hubs :

The clamp fit over the two hubs and forces them against the seal ring rib. As the hubs are drawn together by the clamp assembly, the seal ring lips deflect against the inner sealing surfaces of the hubs. This deflection elastically loads the lips of the seal ring against the inner sealing surface of the hub, forming a self-energized seal.

MATERIALS: CS, LTCS, SS, Duplex & Superduplex, 6Mo, Ni Alloys.


Clamp Assembly :

Designed to provide nearly 360° clamping contact with the hubs. A relief notch in the center of the clamp segments allow even distribution of makeup forces. No specific orientation is required when installed.


Compact Clamp Assembly :

Designed to provide nearly 360° clamping contact with the hubs. A relief notch in the center of the clamp segments allow even distribution of makeup forces. No specific orientation is required when installed.

Smaller than standard clamp assembly for reactor vessel internals (i.e. ammonia converter).